At midnight there shall be a revolution. A world shall converge in the name of poetry.

Poetry? Poetry! See a revolution: poetry is not dead; art is not dead; then again, perhaps I should not be so quick to spout such words for this course shall highlight Modern Poetry, ergo, the last ‘chapter’ highlights the conceptual, the uncreative arc in poetry today. In a word, though, it is still a Revolution. Don’t take my word for it, join ModPo here, and join over 20,000 curious minds from around the globe.

What will Al Filreis, ‘Father’ of U Penn’s Modern Poetry, tell this ‘poet under construction’? Stay tuned, this blog shall chronicle my evolution. ~


10 thoughts on “why poet under construction…

  1. I am taking the course also and am linking to your site in my poetry section. I look forward to reading your about page.

  2. Congratulations on having taken the initiative to blog about the 10-week ModPo session that started on 10 Sept 12. I too am taking the online course and am excited to be involved and learning.


    • Thank you for popping in & saying hello. This first week has been overwhelming, but in a very good way! Cheers ~ a

  3. This is a convergence of the world’s creative minds..an artistic melding into one gigantic pot…

  4. One of the unintended consequences of signing up for Mo/Po is meeting a very interesting mind. Emily is very very interesting. I have enjoyed her insights very much. Perhaps Al can give her some more stage time. All the TA’s are doing a good job. Thanks

    • Thank you for stopping, Paul. Agreed, Emily is quite interesting, AND the TAs are really good. Enjoying your go with
      ‘hostiles’…as I posted tonight (meh, this morning I guess) most amused since I think the TA thinks you a science man
      when your profile reads literary! ~ a

      • Well I left out that I couldn’t find a family supporting job in first major so I went back to UT and finished my engineering degree. I worked for both Dow Chemical and then for a county in Texas. But I usually like to be thught of as literary as most of my friends are ex employees of Dow and I hesitate but will say our conversations on the golf course are so darn boring.

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