silence, it’s been eating at the edges of the brain until viral manifest the complete body. the body has declined to backdown from surges of power of unyielding mind waiting heavy under silence of hunger. this hungering is aught. this hungering wasting mental muscle until formulaic computations no longer withstand fracturing, metal hands keep clanging each hour. an hour is upon us.  this loss morass begins to hold under this hand that thinks it better than the mind’s eye. pray dream under a fog of generic cold medicine – dream to remove the i to understand this common concept of exactness. who hides under floral conceits – who offers metal blooms – who breaks a broken bottle apart to bleed green – WCW, i put this out there to you – please visit, this silence turned blue. recitation again, resuscitation begins, some one call it – code new.  

(assignment 2/ essay 2 : to address how the second WCW poem is more imagist than first based on manifesto.)

[procrastination, illness, and lack of imagination has stifled an answer. perhaps looking at it here will conjure some type of ‘a-ha’ under a thick fog of cold brew tea that i’m about to drink. “there has to be a way out of here…said the joker to the king” if only i were along the watchtower watching her window to recreate this scene. until then, tomorrow, midnight, eastern…night ends, mourning begins.]

From an Imagist manifesto:

1. To use the language of common speech, but to employ the exact word, not the nearly-exact, nor the merely decorative word.

2. We believe that the individuality of a poet may often be better expressed in free verse than in conventional forms. In poetry, a new cadence means a new idea.

3. Absolute freedom in the choice of subject.

4. To present an image. We are not a school of painters, but we believe that poetry should render particulars exactly and not deal in vague generalities, however magnificent and sonorous. It is for this reason that we oppose the cosmic poet, who seems to us to shirk the real difficulties of his art.

5. To produce a poetry that is hard and clear, never blurred nor indefinite.

6. Finally, most of us believe that concentration is of the very essence of poetry.


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  1. These six points I hope to consider as I edit and revise, when I make time to do so. Thank-you for this post, particularly versions 1 and 2 which show me so clearly what a difference can be made.

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