Refocus – redistribute attention to draw attention to what has transpired within each train of thought. Un-patterned lines of disconnection drawing connection between proto – meta – each just a word that conveys nothing unless one understands the movement of the line – the lineage of peda- pedagogical. We assemble too much weight upon a word which is nothing to the commoner, it means nothing with no back story which may only be revealed to the privileged. Academia says it’s for everyBody – perhaps, if we remodel akin to Coursera where We equals not 47 nor 53 – 100 percent   free. 

Thoughts swirled as I proceeded to watch last weeks youtube cast of ModPo’s live class. It was late last night, but It cemented how much I lack in this course regarding effort. Actually, this revelation came about more after I read how fellow students are dealing with all the class info decimated – some copy each poem in a notebook – some transcribe each poem online into Evernote. I, i read with one eye – the other jumping two tabs to the right. Internet, a beast. It feeds this hunger for more more More but time ticks in avalanches.

Failure – this blog has not equaled the fixed image of how it would record  time spent at ModPo.

Listening to a student at KWH in regards to Stein’s poem “Let Us Describe” flashed this lightbulb moment.  Why have I not been recording these ‘close reads’ as the ‘i’ sees? The student had had a similar read as I did, but I figured my ‘read’ was without merit, without scholarly achievement since the video said it was a car wreck, too.**

That is what This blog should allow – a different close read even if it offers an outlandish notion. I worry about the words cast upon this digital page. If the writing style doesn’t conform to convention. If the reader becomes more frustrated than informed. Should an entry be killed due to lack of brevity. Should an entry not be unless it is edited into a pink bow. Sadly, compression – refiltering is not a strong suit the i  wears easily. A mental plinko chip is what we are after – mine never quite reaches solid state, mercury rolling in little masses, touching here and there, forming little subsets upon the plate where the thermometer broke. It equals nth degree.

Sunday, we enter into a new chapter. I offer to turn the page. Manifesto: Poetunderconstruciton deconstructs these readings, right or wrong, as time allows. A slipstream. Reader reads at their own risk – it may teach nothing right, then again, it may be so ‘off’ it will help you to formulate the switch back to ‘on’ – understanding oft comes after gleaning the cube several times.

YouTube broadcast & “Let Us Describe”

**It read like a manifesto – GS observation of those who go their own way – naming each name but not name by the characters, a charade who is the lamb, cock, hen… yes, it was all of them- of this salon – this village turned ruin – blessing the sacrifice of those that chose that road that would Describe.