Okay, so, if you’ve followed this blog at all in the last few days, or read yesterday’s entries, you  know that ModPo had an essay due regarding William Carlos Williams. In my great error, I’ve approached Imagist poetry wrong – i.e. I failed to recognize the greater picture.

In this case, it is almost a pun for what we were to draw from the “Young Woman at the Window” was the image that was indeed painted into my brain, but I failed to mention…too busy, I was, focusing on the Imagist manifesto from a non-emotional/non-feeling poetic POV. Good god, even as I write this I DO see the angle that is oft depicted for Mother and Child. I’ve even gone as far as to envision a muted pastel light of dawn (surely of a winter scene when it is cold, sky gone to pinks) and it is the two, mother and child, behind the panes of glass – perhaps black leaded lines akin to a Mondrian.

When I read the two poems, especially the second, the image that stood out was that we, the readers, were outside the glass looking in. Why I failed to understand this was the point – that WCW used glass to show us this, not because it was a hard-edged word or that it reminded me of his use of glass as a fracture, I cannot say. My failure to recognize many things in this assignment has me humbled. I hang my head in idiotic shame.

I’ve yet to read the essays assigned to me; I will start in a little bit, but I felt a much-needed clarification to any who have ventured here from ModPo, so that there was complete clarification that what I’ve posted is NOT what was to be understood.

A poet underconstruciton…perhaps we should change that to an idiot underconstruction… ~ a



3 thoughts on “idiot underconstruction

  1. I had a difficult time with the rubric in the peer reviews, as many of the students did. When studying the imagist manifesto, there are a lot of points that I missed in my essay according to the rubric. I struggle with the technical terms and I fear I need to take a refresher course in English. I enjoy reading your posts as it correlates a lot with my experiences. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are more than welcome! I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling that I’m understudied and at a loss. Truly, if this were a ‘real’ class, I’d probably be auditing or dropping with a feeling of being over my head. I took compositionI/II 20 years ago for college, that was it…this is a new venue.

      (As an aside, it didn’t help that the first essay I read was spot on with ALL aspects of rubric. I couldn’t believe it –I wanted to know how that person understood Everything! Oy!)

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