It brought a smile when Al Filreis, at one point during today’s Frost’s “Mending Walls” discussion, mimics (albeit with slightly different words) the oft famous political quote of Reagan to Gorbachev regarding ‘the wall’. Too bad I’d not followed my first inclination to re-fashion those words when titling last night’s blog post.

Speaking of that post, I’ve retracted a few thoughts since that initial post. In fact, I’ve deleted all comments on the forum regarding Frost’s poem. (This is often what happens when I write, the day after I post, words seep into daily living and a flash of a line will nag whilst making coffee for patrons and I’ll think, “well, no, perhaps that isn’t right at all…”. This happened today, but I think the greater influence was the viewing of the brilliant discussion of “Mending Walls” over at Kelly Writer’s House. It’s so lovely to watch those who’ve devoted their life to something like poetry. There is something so beautiful to watch people who have chosen to teach their passion, to express their knowledge, to devote their life to an art. So, I watched in awe with a slight pang for what in one life would’ve been my life if I’d had the guts to follow passion.

Frost had it right, we are forever ‘mending walls’ ~ 


“Mending Walls” criticism, Lawrence Raab’s commentary is a most interesting read that offers a few quotes from Frost. Highly recommend the read, especially for insight into Frost’s stand against his poetry being misapplied. Perhaps another reason the retraction, though any misapplication wouldn’t be akin to Russia’s, it would be out of ignorance, not calculated politics.>