Where have all the ModPoers gone…  why to Think Again: How to Reason and Argue, the next big humanities course on Coursera. It isn’t the same, though, even if we are tearing at language. Where are the little hands that shall spread wide to gather a bit of paradise? What (or whose) Vesuvius steam  shall send these gathered bits high, soaring a gabled roof that knows no hinge. We cannot go back again; then again, did we ever arrive.

I digress, it is a lovely class thus far with many ModPo peeps. It seems that we are not just lovers of poetry, of language, but more so, of learning. One can never grow old if expanding ones universe so that the eyes gaze seeking the last bit of punk pink horizon gone grey.

ModPo is being kept alive with an iron lung intact. Half a breath, one breath away from cardiac arrest, we waste, we wait. We do not have the same vitality to feed off words. We do not pulse with rhythm to intone language. The cage door has been opened but the beast just stays, waiting…watching…

Speaking of “Wait” — a bit of discourse… PoemTalk by Adrienne Rich’s “Wait” was posted by Al Filreis about a week ago. When I listened to the talk, I realized that This was the one that got me hooked on Rich’s work years ago. In the back of my mind, I recalled a blog post on my old Blogger. I couldn’t remember the blog name, so I had to Google search to find my old blog! Here was my recent comment on ModPo forum:

This has been a rather fun PoemTalk for me for I had forgotten that I had listened to this years ago when I first found PennSound. Tonight, upon looking at the poem, it all came back– I actually blogged about this one in 2009! It was fun to go back and read my thoughts…took a bit of doing though, it is an old blog, so had to find it via Google search! Needless, pre-ModPo POV focuses on Rich’s statement on love/marriage while my post-ModPo wonders about meta!

Does anyone else feel that the poem could be split? I feel it reads better when you continue with the italicized pattern of every other line. Interesting, in 2009 the wedding-ring glint bothered me… it still does for what is she saying with it? Conservative poem – bah! Open, and as tricky as the Am government’s language about why we wage war!

I discovered an oddity about Rich’s poem — the way in which she not only formatted it, but the way that there are only a few letters that start each line. It doesn’t spell anything thing, there is no code, but I grabbed my only book of poetry I own of hers (“Telephone Ringing In The Labyrinth”) and finally read most of it. Ironically, it is an anthology that immediately follows “Wait”.  There are many, many meta-poems (which I now understand thanks to ModPo) and several political ones. None of her poems have such a uniform line beginning  like “Wait”.

A comment on the forum that I cannot find now was regarding the use of ‘you’ in Rich’s poem. Serendipitously, Rich has three quotes at the begging of TRITL – I took a picture because it addresses her use of ‘you’ (she is the last of the three quotes). It is rather a lovely sentiment, don’t You think…

Insert from “Telephone Ringing In The Labyrinth”


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  1. I haven’t been able to get to the Poemtalk site yet as I’ve been attending to my father-in-law’s funeral, but I am looking forward to it. Hopefully I can get to this one shortly- I’d live to discuss it.

    • Very sorry to hear about your loss. The sight has dropped dramatically (so many of us are now in other Coursera courses) however
      I think things will pick up a bit during college break. Hopefully Al will get bored and offer a few insights on the forum!

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