it seems that there is a theme running through my life now — silence, solace, solitude… perhaps influenced by a few days off last week from libraryland allowing a bit of introspection, void of the constant chatter of small talk/ big talk. tonight, winding down after a late night in the trenches, after a quiet walk amongst fairy lights and somber Gregorian chants ringing through earbuds, i visited ModPo with hopes that Professor Filreis had posted something new — wish granted — Miss Emily made her ghost dance, again …

There is a solitude of space
A solitude of sea
A solitude of death, but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site
That polar privacy
A soul admitted to itself —
Finite infinity.

This is the poem up for discussion with a wonderful link to Professor Filreis discussing it for 7 minutes. Sadly, I couldn’t gather the audiences’ reactions, but while straining to listen, it allowed me to read/re-read the poem until a few thoughts formed:

1. found it interesting that this poem didn’t use Caps throughout — kept wondering which words She would have drawn focus to had She

2. jumps from space > sea > death — it seems like such a leap, death, that is, for space and sea are expansive, free space, whereas death is an ending, limited

3. “Society shall be” — reading this in its context and I cannot help but feel ED’s pity for society, for we are the ones who are truly alone if we never find comfort within one’s self. We are limited where She knows no bounds because she has been released from the physical constraints of ‘social society’ —

4. the poem almost reads like a koan — understand and one may just become Enlightened ~

after reading this poem – after spinning the wheels regarding silence and solace – after regarding how much Dickinson has influenced this blogger’s sophomoric attempts at poetry – after having a patron gift me a postcard of Emily which has been propped against my bathroom mirror for two years – after finding that in age, there is comfort in solitary life – after reconciling that there is a gift in silence – after rejoicing in the understanding of solitude – after…               all that,

it is This that speaks Loud, for in it is Truth about Freedom in                     Nothing          ~


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  1. Death could be seen as breaking free from the bonds of human life. Don’t know if Emily Dickinson saw it that way but that’s where my mind went, and there is a parallel when seen in that way.

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