The end never came under a green halo that promised a night frozen forever, an underworld shadowed with creatures that stir innocent as field mice awaiting

Await! we stare into an hourglass, sifting through our midnights remembering that feeling as a child when there was a magic that settled upon our damp pillows, our closed eyes flying open with each heartbeat

Wake! was that an icy branch or was it him

Good children, we were then as we are now dipping our pens into the darkness, swirling about a solstice separated by moonlight and snowy scapes only to

Wait! something did die today, but it was not us or him or even this world, it was just a tiny silver thread that connects this to that and it

Snaps! bits lost as white ice starts to melt like the snow man when his hat blows away; some say it was magic snow or was it that black hat that made him magical

The iced limbs dance tonight and so do we until the sun rise welcomes another midwinter day


(I shall post more about Bernadette Mayer’s Midwinter Day this weekend. We just finished a post-ModPo discussion on the forums in honor of the solstice. This was just a bit of fun (the above) using photos shot yesterday after the blizzard – it was freezing but the pup did appreciate the stroll. Glad we all made it — i think

It’s the end of the world as I know it… fine, just fine ~ a)  


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