8 thoughts on “Noise

    • Mark ~ you are always so generous with your compliments, thank you. Backstory – the block canvas was painted years ago; “Noise” was done today with oil pastels on top of “flyer” from art installation I blogged about yesterday. I wished to take a picture of it and taped it to canvas — not sure if it will stay that way.

      • You do have a lot of fun with oil pastels! And anything about noise is good with me. I just finished listening to a week’s worth of lectures on noise in my next Coursera course (sound design and digital music composition).

      • I find that with clothes and with art, I am drawn to the same colours most the time unless I go on a limb and use red, odd…

      • Oh, that sounds like fun! How do you do it with your job…so impressed. I was signed up for a history course, but I’ve ignored it. Philosophy starts tomorrow…we shall see. Any good book recs from the course…send ’em this way!

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