Trying to take a couple of Coursera classes in next few months – two poetry… my schedule is crazy but if it works, shall post prompts as I am tonight. I just posted two based on the prompts of a) writing a metaphor & b) writing a thematic poem based on interconnectedness of images. It is late, these were off the cuff, if you disagree it working, would love your feedback as I am not certain. Cheers ~ a

La Luna

Pale glow gone so round
Rejoicing at its rising high
We wait knowing she’ll crest
A wrinkle across dark glass
Three seasons have passed
And her body shines boldly
Moonrise triggers the tide
New life feels her gravitational pull
Tonight as the water flows free
A small cry splits the cloudless sky

the projects

A patchwork roofline tilts the combustible landscape.
Windows project a vacant stare.
It is a rusted fire escape that zigzags up,
or is down, racing a lone snake of green.
Boards gone grey hang sideways
a rusty nail holding too much together.
Before the subway zoomed round it was grand,
or so nonna told us while removing heirloom tomatoes.


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  1. I particularly love “the projects,” so may fine lines, like this: “a rusty nail holding too much together.” Glad to “find” you again, both here and over my way. What are the poetry courses (if you care to say)?

    • Thanks so much for the visit, Susan. I fear I’ve fallen away from WP after I accidentally deleted Yellow House and four years of writing! I had forgotten about this blog until last month when a random comment landed in my email.

      I need to get back to writing, especially poetry, so one is self guided poetry course from CalArts. It is very brief, not in-depth, but I enjoy Douglas Kearney’s funny style and his focus on African American poets.

      On the opposite spectrum – I am thinking about doing ModPo again just to get in a close reading frame of mind!

      • Ooh, ouch about losing Yellow House! I’m always afraid I’ll press the wrong tab and do that very thing. Very nice to have you back, and happy poetry-making and reading!

  2. I kind of like the moon poem better, although I can’t find a way in to what the 3 seasons signify. The last two lines are beautiful.

    The tomatoes in the second poem seem to break away from the zig-zag lines, or maybe it’s the nonna of the poem doing it–plucking them from a zig-zag vine. Either way, it’s a sketch of a world I’d like to see more of.

    • Mark, I’ve not done a very good job at either poem – these were both prompts that I dashed out in typical Angela style – type now, think later…. The moon one is practicing the idea of conceit – I am trying to have the moon be a metaphor for the cycles of pregnancy, ergo, the three seasons. Again, it needs some editing to work as it should, but I was not sure my approach was apt anyway.

      You’ve same issue I have with second poem. Nonna line was an after thought and I was not happy with the line, but kept it so I could go to sleep. Glad to have your words, you are always a keen close reader.

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