Here is the latest poetry doodle that was dashed for an assignment on Coursera’s free site. We were studying form and rhythm. May I just say that the two lovely people who reviewed my poem are very much better versed on trochee – anapest -and all that jazz. I just wrote a blank verse as assigned thou I did ignore the instructions to write a poem and then conform to form. Nah…too much work – I wrote it as is – laying out the feet and figuring the iamb – except for my hiccups. If you are a poetry buff – can you find them too? Any insight welcome. ~

I spy her hat among my tossed ribbons
she left without saying a word to us –
today I read the post – a girl missing
we long to know her tale – perhaps a ghost

He loved her so despite her odd beauty
some girls never buy time to bank in case
a man of worth fails to someday arrive

She was a girl who left the train station
no home nor kin, a hug always welcomed
however, her eyes conveyed something unbound
a soul, orphaned,  we guessed, without real love.