Come on get tiny
Become a pilgrim
Do as I say not as I do
Do you dare question this
Election process
Progressively we are dying
A quick death
Boredom a state of our
Current affairs hence this
Affair went on too long
Star-crossed lovers met
Divorced before their horse won
Always putting the cart first
Not this one, not this time
I’m embracing my inner Thoreau
Selling this albatross called excess
Fanny or Freddie or Bank of Satan
Mortgage is going down
Building my own Walden
On wheels
You see when we get small
It shakes this economy
A movement goes ballsy
Follow me down the rabbit hole
To its hutch and hitch up
Haul it down the highway
Park it here or there
Anywhere your stay is home
Don’t you see
Getting tiny is
The American Way
Free of owing anyone
Done with paying the huMan
Man even then it is still
Unbalanced in its availability
Brother still has to own a dime
This inequality is ridiculous
Sad division beyond revision
Despite what she said at the banquet
Pandering to constituents
No one can feel safe in a land
Ruled by hate of difference
Indifference is a loaded gun
Pointed at the innocent baby
Son, there aint no one gonna save
Not even Jesus got off that cross
Before death had won
Granted some say he will come again
Does it matter if we still hurtling stones
Breaking bones of the different ones
Because they do not believe
Witness this my friend over there
Their there is the same as here
Don’t you see
Hypocrisy is a disease spreading
Declare a national emergency
If you care
You do don’t you
She does, he does
They do too
Until then
Walden beyond the pond
Finding solace in becoming classless
Off the grid but not voiceless
Biggest money shaker is no money maker
Vote with your mind
You gotta live with your soul




5 thoughts on “Ode to the tiny house

    • From what little I know of you, Mark, I believe you do a fine job of not playing.

  1. It is insane this time around with all the bile that’s going on. It is more of a challenge than ever to find out the best party to go for, although I think the apathy speaks for itself. Unless things change it could get a whole lot worse.

    Your writing is always powerful, I always enjoy a good Thoreau reference too.

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