If you fail to feel
anything for anybody
beyond You
we shall fail

This country of thinking
beings belongs to All
not just those with bricks
ready to erect a wall
built of mortar and breath
recanting the resurrection

Now do you really think He
(if you believe)
is cheering for this faction
pounding gavels in reaction
beating the pulpit with hate

Today we need the other cheek
and it must be he
who has  the power
to lower the mask and
free the slaves who have
embraced him as master

Dear sir- here is a spoon
start digging your way
to China – they have your wall
already built but your cash
is welcomed

As for us, we will persevere
as humans of one race
built to remember
our united state
one of infinite beauty
cobbled with
love ~


2 thoughts on “D. T.

  1. I found it terrible how all sides tried to capitalise on the Orlando massacre, truly shocking. Over here I think the consensus is Bernie for Prez.

  2. America’s political culture is appalling right now, Ste J. I think this shall be the ugliest election I’ve experienced since a child. It seems we’ve become no smarter than during the founding father’s time.

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