who are we               

                                         any                          more
i  stare
in disbelief

                                    at Ms. Keys’s feed


It.is.filled.with.                                      HATE
can we please


just  settle this debt

our                                       society  is

           b r o           ken   

and we as a people                              PAY


not in bills

                                                      but generations

our narrative reeks            of #symbols
not    fit        for    a country BUILT on                          


flawed                                                            but

still                                                                         aiming for a greater god than you or me


                     C O N F U S E D



Perhaps it is time to raise our minds not our fists

Perhaps it is time to embrace our rhetoric when we praise with hate on our breath

Perhaps it is time to challenge our leaders to bridge this divide with their badge of honor

Perhaps it is time to blind our other eye so we can see


We, the people, are not free until that flag waves full staff






and with that, I mean, no gun deaths of any body    

not    #otherpeople  #authoritypeople #differentpeople


could it happen

sad, that this question seems only possible in a  Greek novel
again,  I ask the question


Who Are WE Any More?


7 thoughts on “Who Are WE Any More?

    • Susan, you’re most kind to visit and comment, thank you. Watching the RNC and DNC has ignited the muse a bit…peace~

    • Thank, Mark – it made me smile that you read through my jumbled mind’s outpouring.

  1. The voices asking questions such as yours are growing louder, will it gets worse before it gets better, probably but we, the people will be listened to. Debate over weapons is always preferable, if we are civilised that is.

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