her summation blurred today’s rap lines
riding an Ocean created by Chance
let us pull this back a bit
cross section of skin still puckering from
climate’s dynamic sin gone south again
is lack of life direction a first world conundrum
are we not kickin a can already curbed
too many babies from 21st century wombs
left behind from knowing of yesterday’s sex, drugs,
and war tours when everything was reckless
if even slightly breathing the streets in the 90s
call me a cynic but I get this current crisis
theory me one more beyond Sartre or Kierkegaard
for those gentlemen never owned a smartphone
today our private zones playoff frenemies and ex-lovers
comparisons forever driving body identity off kilter
helter skelter has become the gamma wave battle cry
each candidate pontificating policy
no wonder everybody questions their authenticity
I do each and every day rather haphazardly
until . . .

one night I found myself alone searching
a field of Queen Anne’s lace for a mother
praying to the broken sunset sliced by silence
I do no not want to find her here
a breeze of suburban laughter kept me company
somewhere in the distance a different existence
reminding me that this old world keeps spinning
even after we discovered one has really gone ~




4 thoughts on “exist, don’t exit

    • You know how I write, Mark, without too much censor, ergo, any line that has resonated with you is a supreme compliment. ~ a

  1. The world always seems better when a time has passed, it would be fascinating to watch Kierkegaard with a smartphone…I bet he’d be claiming back a shedload of royalties from all the publishers which he found on the internet…or witchcraft box as he may term it.

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