This – This is what currently rules our country- proudly unapologetic tighty whitie without____.
You fill in that blank. I cannot name what I cannot understand. Blame. To whom does this finger point – take care for it is only before a mirror otherwise it becomes an answer of lies or as we now call it ‘alternative facts’. In fact the truth has been buried in blood that settled in shallow graves covered hundreds of years ago. White men ran with aristocratic hopes yet it was hopeless without knowledge and labor of men and women and children with black skin – red skin – brown skin – yellow skin – all of them swaying by bound ropes that promised nothing beyond their life (if that) and alternative facts. How is that — How is that – That these tightly lipped white whips controlled without revolt and conquered a peoples so full of their own power? History however shows a glimpse of ‘Gods’ hand when it was the white man who briefly suffered – but y0u have to dig for those words. Word – We’re in the year of two thousand and seventeen – where do we go from here? I believe in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s dream that began with Mahatma Gandhi’s dream that began with his mother. Yes – isn’t that always the way. Do not say we can be without Her, be it blood or earth – Mother gave us birth with just one wish for our time here – it is to love. Love.


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  1. It can only be good for us not to repeat the same mistakes, we need to mock and belittle alternative facts and those that claim them as truth. It is strange how nations to do not realise the power they were built on and that is inevitably the mistreatment of others.

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