This first started as a blog blog dedicated to sharing the experience of taking Al Filreis’s Cousera Modern Poetry class in 2012. The class resumes every fall via Coursera.org for free – check it out.


I continue to utilize this site to work on poetry when the muse strikes. I always appreciate fellow writers who take the time to read and comment – or just read. While not always in a timely manner, I shall visit if your avatar directs me through the maze.

Peace ~ a


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Fabulous – thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have signed up and done my first lecture. I am hoping to go back to University next year and study prose poetry so this might help me get into the swing of it. x

  2. Hello classmate, I discovered your blog before ModPo even started (through Twitter, I think) and got so excited about your entries. However, I lost the link to your site and the class itself got pretty overwhelming that I never got the chance to visit again, until now. I am backreading most of your posts and liking what I see. Thank you for your effort in sharing your thoughts! I maintain a blog {http://modpogirls.blogspot.com} for ModPo too, but it just documents my essays and rather long comments on the forum so they won’t get lost in the sea of ramblings of 30,000 more students. Hope you get to visit my blog too. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Hi Kat…so glad you stopped over! My apologies for not visiting your blog tonight, but I got overwhelmed with trying to play catchup with the boards, readings, and videos. I do hope to hit your blog in the next couple. Are you enjoying Stein, btw…. ~ a

    • Hi Mark ~ thank you so much for the grand compliment! Your ability to keep a real life and blog so much inspires me as well. Cheers ~ a

      • Thank you. That means a lot, especially when life has really been getting in the way lately. I have some stuff to work out via creative work, and I have a feeling that soon it will be busting at the seams.

  3. Yay you’re back!!!! I shall have to explore properly later as work is calling me in a while but it is good to have you back in the fold. I love my word fix from you.

    • Hello Ste J – as you must’ve noticed, twas creeping around your blog yesterday. Yes and no about being back – this is an old site since the YHC burnt down, so to speak. I hope to start a regular posting practice… but we shall see. You are most kind, as always, with taking the time! Virtual hug ~ a

  4. It was a most pleasant sight to come back to after a few days off from all things literary. I hope you will be able to get into the groove again and if we are giving virtual hugs out, have one yourself!

    • Hi Raymond- your support is so appreciated! Hope libraryland & ModPo continue to keep you inspired!

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