the poems i post are oft unedited, stream of conscious affairs. one could question if they should be shared at all. if this course has taught me anything thus far, it is that art cannot be defined. these are poems that have begged to be recorded for one reason or another during the course of the ModPoPenn course.  read as you see fit. cheers ~ a


What if we had untied our worlds
Let them sift through verse
Let them dangle, a leaf in autumn’s wind
Would you still smile that way
Did that Camera scar you
or was it a disguise, a mask
What if we had laid out our sheets different
Let them be creased
Let them play a child’s game called Hiding
What if we had bought that tree before the 15th
Let it drink in our damp singing
Let it spread wide to catch those glittered blows
What if –
It is better to embrace it
Let them pretend
Let them
Let them –



this darkness fails to fall completely as night falls upon us and there is a dirty reflection too much glass glazed with human produced dust, dusting every surface

no rain has caused us a dust bowl but we wait for November to make a prediction.

in that glass, will the moon rise. we’ve risen above it, a cloud not of dusted

humanity but of read humility, it arises thick grapes of wrath rung from machines

bleed me pink flush so that i can welcome your gaze upon these leaves that shall

bespeak of no moves, no pathways, no rhythm from a lowly alto moan.

we are dust in the beginning and in this ending, will you cover me with a

smile knowingly it was what she inspired of anyone who took the tome to read

contemplate her dust as it rested upon humanity as only Alice, dear puss,

could tame that beast.


His danse deadened the cricket’s song A screech swallowed by generic boughs that glittered with future festivity This paned window yawns onto a blank expanse outlining one yellow square after midnight

He dared to danse with his hat on That hat doesn’t fit me, so it hangs upon a barren tree

She invited me to come, to move my feet with a million others through manicured treescapes framing lofty towers He danses with mock abandon it is better to lead than follow during spring folly

I shall not visit this April Not until I find a red hat.

3 thoughts on “poems

  1. I really like your motivation for this blog . . . 17 more steps up the ladder and rising. I have my first public reading in 12 years tomorrow and only now, this minute, do I wish I knew more.

    You know what, you could so easily become a muse Lady A.

    Oh, BTW I have a radio show on 28th September at 8 to 9 pm UK time (www.10Radio.org) if you would like to put a voice to the name, so to speak. And, and, I’ve just had an amazing thought . . . eek! where did that come from? The next show after that will be in New York so . . . here’s the thing. Tell me everything you know about New York that’s happening now – music, theatre, love, life and emotionally and I shall love, love, love you until forever . . .


    • RR ~ That is so fabulous! I’m terribly curious, of course, what materials shall you read?

      NYC, , I’ve yet to explore (I hang my head in shame – for is it not this countries cultural mecca?!). Actually, I was toying with a exploration in November if finances allow it for a few days.

      A muse? Amused…though, it does make me smile. cheers ~ a

      • Hey A (muse), I thought you would be a regular in the dive bars and art lofts of the Big A . . . what with reading the New Yorker and such.

        My Paris gig went well so they’ve given me a show every couple of weeks which is all I can manage in my schedule. The next is on 12/10 at 8pm on 10radio.org. New York is where it’s at with a different twist, a kind of gumshoe feel to it or maybe an Englishman (Bah! Scottish man) being shown New York by Sam Spade . . . it has a feel.

        So where are you? Washington?

        Sudden shock here in Blighty, the sun’s come out! Wonders are endless!


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